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Faculty Biographies

James Hone, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information
Department of Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Columbia University
220 S.W. Mudd (Mail Code 4703)
500 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027 USA
Phone: (+1)-212-854-6244
Fax: (+1)-212-854-3304


Research Theme

The research in the Hone laboratory encompasses a wide range of activities in the area of nanotechnology. Our three main areas of focus are carbon nanotubes, nanomechanical systems (NEMS), and nano-biology.

In the area of carbon nanotubes, we have focused on developing techniques of growth and manipulation that allow us to precisely characterize individual nanotubes with a variety of techniques, and then build pre-designed structures and circuits using these pre-characterized nanostructures. We are using these techniques to experimentally probe the fundamental connection between structure and properties in these nanostructures. In addition, we are interested in applications of nanotubes, and are investigating their use in fuel cells, transparent electrodes, and their application to molecular electronics.

Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) have offered great promise for applications in mechanical signal processing and ultrasensitive detection. Our research has been in the area of basic device physics, specifically the combination of thermal, electrical, and mechanical effects for frequency tuning, and in the application of NEMS to sensing applications.

Our research in nano-biology focuses on the use of nanofabrication techniques to build structures and systems for basic probes of biological function. By pushing electron beam lithography to the size scale of single biomolecules, we can create structures with both chemical functionality and spatial organization that mimics that found in biological systems. We have demonstrated many of the basic techniques required for studies of this nature, and are beginning to perform initial experiments in cell adhesion and molecular binding. In addition, we are developing high-speed manufacturing techniques for production of large numbers of nano-patterned surfaces. Finally, we are interested in the role of force, rigidity, and shape on cellular signaling and development.

Background and Education

James Hone is currently Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University. Dr. Hone received his PhD in physics from UC Berkeley in 1998, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, and was the Millikan Postdoctoral Fellow in experimental condensed matter physics at the California Institute of Technology. He joined the faculty at Columbia in 2003.

Honors and Awards

1998 PhD in Physics, UC Berkeley
2000 Millikan Fellowship in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Caltech

Selected Publications

J. Hone, B. Batlogg, Z. Benes, A. T. Johnson, and J. E. Fischer,
"Quantized phonon spectrum of single-wall carbon nanotubes,"
Science 289, 1730-1733 (2000).

M. Y. Sfeir, F. Wang, L. Huang, C.-C. Chuang, J. Hone, S.P. O'Brien, T.F. Heinz, and L.E. Brus,
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Science 306, 1540-1543 (2004).

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Nano Letters 5, 1515-1518 (2005).

O. Cherniavskaya, C. Chen, E. Heller, E. Sun, J. Provezano, L. Kam, J. Hone, M. P. Sheetz, and S. J. Wind,
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Feng Wang, Matthew Y. Sfeir, Limin Huang, X.M. Henry Huang,Yang Wu, Jaehee Kim, James Hone, Stephen P. O'Brien, Louis E. Brus, and Tony F. Heinz,
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Matthew Y. Sfeir, Tobias Beetz, Feng Wang, Limin Huang, X.M. Henry Huang, Mingyuan Huang, J. Hone, Stephen P. O'Brien, J.A. Misewich, Tony F. Heinz, Lijun Wu, Yimei Zhu, Louis E. Brus,
"Optical Spectroscopy of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes of Defined Chiral Structure,"
Science 312, 554 (2006).

Research Examples